Between 2004 and 2019 I have been mostly ‘underway’: exploring the different corners of the world by foot, bicycle, camper van, motorbike or for work. Here you can read some stories of adventures and experiences collected along the way, throughout the years. It’s only a snapshot! If you’re interested to hear and share more, you’re welcome to stay at Solob Serai.

A solo motorbike trip from the Dutch North Sea coast to the far east until the famous Russian harbor town on the Sea of Japan. Meet Harry, the little red Honda CRF 250L and read some stories from southern and eastern Europe, the Balkans, Eurasia, Central Asia, Siberia and the Mongolian Gobi desert.

The first motorbike trip through the southern half of the continent: Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazilian Pantanal on a CCM GP450 Adventure.

Part of my work to promote the rights of people with disabilities; due to neglected tropical diseases like leprosy and buruli ulcer.

A consultancy mission to propose improved education opportunities for children with disabilities.

Deployed for the rebuilding after megatyphoon Hayan, the next disastrous typhoon Hagupit turned the mission into an emergency operation: ensuring no disabled and elderly were left behind, and ensuring a safe place in the evacuation centers to ride out the storm.

Training about traumatic amputation and treatment of children with clubfeet in the Somali refugee camps.

When there’s nothing left to lose …

Home is where you park it. 6 months of ultimate freedom in the land where I would later find my piece of paradise.

In Southeast Asia I started my work in landmine victim assistance and living as a nomad for the 15 years ahead.