There’s life after Vladivostok

Be afraid and do it anyway‘ – it’s been on my Facebook page for a while. Not in any sense was I afraid of humans, animals, accidents, or anything else really. The only thing that frightened me big time was: reaching Vladivostok. Countless people asked me the ‘what if … ?’ questions: what if you get in trouble, get lost, get an accident, get robbed, raped, killed three times in a row and whatever else that’s highly unlikely to happen in my perception.

But I too had one ‘what if …?’ : what if I indeed reach Vladivostok … then what?

It’s been in my mind since years and years! Anyone who knows me a little, has heard me saying ‘I want to go to Vladivostok’.

What if I’ve been there and done that? Then what?

But I did it – despite my fear. Now there’s life before, and life after Vladivostok: there’s a great change coming up!

Coast to coast … to coast

Riding my motorbike from Vlissingen in Holland, to Vladivostok in Russia – from coast to coast – that was the idea. And nothing more than that: just an idea. In fact I just wanted to travel and live on my motorbike for as long as it’d feel right. Where and how and when were questions I refused to answer; I was traveling free and independent – from others and from a plan. ‘Whenever I come across a place where I want to stay, I’ll stay’ was my answer when people asked me how long I intended to continue.

That place – a little piece of paradise – indeed crossed my path, rather unexpected.

To cut a long story short: although Vladivostok has never been a final destination, it turned out to be a turning point. My journey will continue for approximately another 15.000 kilometers: coast to coast … to coast indeed. The Asturian coast in Northern Spain is where I’m headed next. A beautiful half hour’ drive from the Cantabrian Sea (Gulf of Biscay) up in mountains, there’s a secluded off-grid mountain cabin waiting for me (and Harry) to come home.

Almost exactly on the day that I’m turning my compass in Vladivostok – heading west instead of east from now on – I’d become the lucky owner of this pure and peaceful place in the middle of a protected nature area Sierra de Penamayor. It offers me a home base but doesn’t take away my freedom. I can live my life as I’ve always pictured it: living off my own land as much as possible, following the rhythm of nature; appreciating and taking care of the precious surroundings. This place doesn’t put me on a mortgage chain which allows me to come and go as I like – and so do others who wish to escape the hectic and pressure of nowadays’ society.

A great big THANKS to my brother Abbe for his logistic support getting it all organised!

So yes: I found Vladivostok. The city sign – with my sticker on it – may be here, but ‘my’ Vladivostok is where few of us expected it to be!

10 thoughts on “There’s life after Vladivostok

  • July 19, 2019 at 15:04

    Een heel goede reis gewenst en veel geluk in Noord Spanje.

  • July 19, 2019 at 17:05

    Hallo Lobke,
    für diesen sehr weisen Entschluss beneide ich dich und möchte dir sagen, das es eine sehr gute Entscheidung ist!
    Es wird gewiss immer mal wieder nicht einfach für dich werden, aber was ist schon einfach im Leben. Man merkt, wenn mann auf die so genannten Bequemlichkeiten wie selbstverständlich verzichtet, wird vieles einfach und besser. man braucht sehr wenig um wirklich glücklich und zufrieden zu sein. Komme gesund in deinem neuem “zu Hause an” genieße das Leben auf deine Art.

    • July 21, 2019 at 22:27

      Konrad Henke sagt es! Nach deine “Halbwelt” Reise, und deine frühere Erfahrungen, habt dir jetzt das perfektes Versteck wo sie ein weiteres Unternehmen nachdenken kann, alles in der Rühe! Weiterhin, wunsch ich dir ein spannend aber bequemes Rückkehr!

  • July 19, 2019 at 23:43

    Can I apply for houssitting when you and Harry are on the road? I`m good in Pool-Cleaning as you know.
    Seriously, it looks like you find your way and a of “NoHome”. You are a character my friend. Where exactly is your new property? Enjoy riding NoHome;-) Take care. Dieter

    • July 21, 2019 at 11:35

      Dear Dieter,
      You’d be most welcome to come over! No swimming pool, but plenty of other stuff to do. It’ll be a great place to write your second book! Let me know when you’re heading back to that part of the world? Details of where exactly your writing table can be found, will follow.
      Take care!!!

  • July 21, 2019 at 11:28

    Respect Lob! See you in a couple of months.


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