South America

My motorcycle journey started off as a trip through South America. In September 2016 I set off together with Tom – both on a CCM GP450 Adventure. After traveling 24,000 km through Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and a tiny little bit of Brasil we decided to both continue on our own: after changing motorbikes I set course towards Vladivostok.

Tom was interviewed about his South America trpip by Valle (Valle on Tour) last year; it came online recently. His story and the footage give an impression of the first part of my journey – the interview can be found here.

It has been a time of extremes. Of highs and lows, of mountains and valleys, of hots and colds, of challenges and rewards. Looking back at 8 months South America is like watching an album that is just too full of pictures – not knowing where to start. Crossing the impressive Andes several times, experiencing the emptiness of the pampas, enjoying the richness of nature in the Pantanal area, driving the illusional Uyuni salt plains, fighting our way through a 200 km continuous stretch of deep sand, following the legendary Ruta 40 all the way from north to south in Argentina, making our way up the Carretera Austral, passing the countless vulcanoes and lakes in Chile, and so so so much more … the South America motorbike trip needs some thorough digestion before it can be put in words and perspective. 

After moving from one country to the next – mostly work related – I was about to settle down. But then, on a rainy Monday afternoon in June 2015 I happened to take the bus home, up the hill to a small village close to Bern (Switzerland). As soon as I got off, someone approached me. It was Tom, living 150 meters further up the street … but somehow we never met before!

We chatted about motorbikes and traveling for a while and he invited me to come over. I did, the day after, and took a big map of the world with me. We rolled it out on the floor, talked about previous travels, and Tom shared his motorbike trip plans with me. I was immediately enthusiastic and soon jumped on the train of preparations.

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