Are you small, and do you enjoy adventure riding?

Then you’d better like pink!

My gloves were a lucky shot; I bought them back in 2016 as ‘temporary’ until I would find something decent. But they turned out to be very comfortable and I used them for over 25.000 km in Europe and South America. Until they were done. I started looking for a replacing pair, but never found something quite like them. And so I kept going – for another 18.000 km. Until they fell apart. I fixed them with Gorilla tape, but the heat made the glue melt down … I visited several shops along the way, but there was always only one option in my size (if any at all!): pink ones.

Not just pink-ish – no… real pink! Pink-Panther pink…

So…time has come to live up to my words ‘I don’t care how it looks, as long as it protects me’. As from today you can see me approaching from a distance: it’s not just pink, but fluorescent pink! Read more

Taking care of my bike is common practice for me, as I regard Harry not only as my motorbike, but also my travel companion, and the platform of my freedom. So, keeping Harry happy is important.

If I keep him going, he might keep me going

After approximately 20.000 kilometres it was time for a new chain and sprockets. Via Facebook I got in touch with a Turkish traveller who’s riding the same bike, who knew a friend of a friend, who recommended a workshop in Ankara, where I would be stationed for a short job. When I went to check out the place and mechanic, there was another customer who spoke English and helped translating.

I came back at 8:30 am on the agreed date, and left the workshop at 6 pm. In between phone calls, visiting friends and customers, cigarettes and coffee breaks, the mechanic took his work serious. Very serious. Being a solo female traveller might be of help in these kind of things: I noticed that many people want to be sure that I’ll be alright. Read more

After 7 months on the road, it happened. For the first time… with Harry, that is…

I expected it to happen at some point, just not now. Harry’s been down for the first time, since he is with me. Not something to be proud of, but all firsts are special in a way.


What happened?

Nothing really, I just slipped on a sandy hump and couldn’t keep him upright. Even before I could take off my helmet and take a moment to mentally prepare myself for lifting the fallen one up again, a shepherd came around the corner. Yes, really. It was just like a too predictive movie: I heard the goat bells ringing and there he was … Universe provides, right? Read more

It was the first little challenge on my tour …

It took me some deep breaths to accept and digest that the videos I’d been taking so far were were non-existing. All the fare-well-visits and the first week of the tour through Belgium and France simply have not been recorded!

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How do I prepare myself for the Vlissingen → Vladivostok

solo motorbike adventure?

Most important for me getting ready to leave, is a departure date. Without a flight ticket, every day is a potential departure day … but can easily become a potential day of delay. In order to avoid getting stuck behind the hurdle of taking off, I set myself a target-date to start driving (which I won’t reveal yet :).

I had a 4-months time window starting from the date I returned from South America until the dat that I want to start heading east. That sounds like a long time, but is disappearing quickly!


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