Mud in the Albanian playground

Just go there, where the sun shines. This ‘plan’ works well most of the time but from southern Albania I had to go on for quite a while to leave the rain, thunderstorms and wind behind. Finally in Greece, summer has started: the sun came out in full force and time has come to take off my winter jacket.

A brief jump back to March, when I continued my trip through Albania, enjoying the off-road driving on my way to Elbasan and again between Korçë and Berat. I made my way through the muddy mountain paths up to where there was still a lot of snow, passing empty fields that could easily be mistaken for Mongolia, only encountering some sheep or goats from time to time. It felt like I was finally doing what I enjoy the most: discovering an unknown environment and playing like a big kid in the enormous playground that’s out there waiting for us. Read more

80 metres of water and Albanian family life

After making my way through southern Croatia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, and Montenegro, I reach what is supposed to be off-road paradise: Albania. And so, it’s TET-time! The trans-euro-trail (or: TET) is a large network of trails throughout Europe for motorcyclists to enjoy driving unpaved stretches without getting lost. I pick up the trail from Shkodër in northern Albania where it leads into the mountains with Theth supposedly being a highlight; unfortunately this part is still cut off this time of year because of snow. Even though I can’t make it that far north, I still head out for a little while and the scenery is simply stunning. The track is a bit rough but doable; it follows the river ‘Kir’ with its incredibly turquoise coloured water. As I pause to enjoy the views for a moment I notice people crossing the fast flowing and ice cold river with wood, iron, and other construction material. An impressive way to transport their stuff across …


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