Solob Serai

Solob Serai

After many years of traveling I found a place to take off my boots.

A place impressive enough to amaze each day; intense enough to calm down.

A place too nice to keep to myself.

Solob Serai is where travelers find a quiet refuge; an escape from the ratrace; space to breath. A place to digest experiences, or to make new travel plans. Secluded in the northern Spanish hills, surrounded by nature, where time is defined by the rising and setting of the sun.

Where travelers meet

The name Serai refers to places scattered around the ancient Silk Road network, where travelers and traders found a safe haven for themselves, their livestock and their precious goods. Over centuries, the serais hosted people from different cultures. Visitors and by-passers exchanged stories, thoughts and experiences collected throughout their journeys.

Solob Serai intends to be a place just like that: a place where people can stop and take time to recharge their batteries, to reconnect with nature, with themselves and each other. You will find influences from several parts of the world where I traveled, lived or worked in the past.

Where time stands still

Solob Serai is located in a protected nature reserve called Sierra de PeƱamayor situated in Asturias: the green part of northern Spain. Views on both the Picos de Europa and the Bay of Biscay give a particular feeling of space to breath; the air indeed is clean, fresh and pure.

Wildlife is abundant all around. It’s not uncommon to see groups of vultures soaring around or deer visiting at dusk, while you watch the hills and mountains change colors upon sunset. The mornings are the best time of day here, as the sun rises right in front of the Serai.

Off grid

Solob Serai is a renovated mountain cabin. It is off grid: water comes straight from the mountain and is filtered for consumption and electricity is generated by a solar system. The nearest village (Nava) is 7 km away, a 20 minutes downhill drive.


After I’ve been working as a volunteer in the past, I’m now a host for Workaway. The idea is simple: a few hours of help in exchange for food and accommodation. The reality is much better: people from all over the world get to enjoy my unique home, leaving behind their personal traces by the jobs they’ve done for and with me. Learning from each other’s skills and ideas during the work, or in the evenings by the fireplace or under the tree is simply invaluable. My aim is for a volunteer to arrive like a stranger and leave like a friend.