After 7 months on the road, it happened. For the first time… with Harry, that is…

I expected it to happen at some point, just not now. Harry’s been down for the first time, since he is with me. Not something to be proud of, but all firsts are special in a way.


What happened?

Nothing really, I just slipped on a sandy hump and couldn’t keep him upright. Even before I could take off my helmet and take a moment to mentally prepare myself for lifting the fallen one up again, a shepherd came around the corner. Yes, really. It was just like a too predictive movie: I heard the goat bells ringing and there he was … Universe provides, right?

So, Harry didn’t get much time to sleep but was quickly back on his wheels to continue the TET-track in eastern Greece. Later it turned out to be the most demanding piece of enduro riding I’ve done so far. Looking back, I guess I took the wrong path. It wasn’t more than a goat track with lots of rocks – I had to get off a few times to check out how I could get through without getting stuck! Anyway, I made it out there and had a wonderful time in the desolated mountains.

So, that’s that … I had my first touch-down. And I know, it’ll never be as good as the first time … there can’t be a shepherd around every corner from here?!








And a second first-timer this week…

Another event which I would expect but not hope for (and on some moments even feared a little) is off course ‘a flatty’. Flat tyres are part of the adventure, but can be quite inconvenient – or simply nasty under some circumstances. This ‘first-timer’ was a special one: while waiting in line in no-man’s-land between Greece and Turkey, scorching asphalt underneath, I noticed a shiny little thing on (or … no, it’s in!) my front tyre.

Yes… it was a nail. And yes, the tyre was still hard. So … what to do? Ignore, just ignore as long as you can! Who knows how long it has been there already? Harry didn’t complain, did he? So why would I? And so I entered Turkey with a nail in my tyre… First stop: a mechanic shop to remove the nail and fix the tyre, should it have penetrated into the tube (30 nervous kilometres). That was another first-timer… a first big mistake on this journey. I happened to meet 3 men who’ve had their first encounter with a tube as well as with a rim lock that day I crossed into Turkey and showed up in their workshop …

And yes, it was the first real challenge to my patience. It was in fact first time I had to remind myself to stay calm and friendly because after all I’m a guest in their country and they are trying (trying, yes…) to help me. But when it started to look like a competition of ‘who gets the screw-driver into the tube first?’ I had to give them a clear ‘NO’. No screw drivers into Harry’s tubes! In the end it worked out, somehow, as it always will.



One thought on “Never as good as the first time

  • May 30, 2018 at 13:56

    Hallo Lobke,
    Leuk dat je gereageerd hebt op
    De thee heb je nog tegoed!
    Hou je haaks en kijk goed uit
    Misschien tot een volgende keer
    Gr Twan


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